NT3 – Machine Learning for autonomous robots

Training event: NT3 – Machine Learning for autonomous robots
Lead organization:
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)
7-8th May 2015 (M17)
Robotics Innovation Center – Main Building – Robert-Hooke-Str. 1
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The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence will offer a course about the basics theories in Machine Learning. The course will be taught by post-docs from the University of Bremen and also DFKI employees with a focus on Machine Learning. In the first part, this block course will cover the principles and the most commonly used methods of AI-based machine learning. In the second part of the course, we will focus on the benefits of machine learning methods to enable mobile (underwater) robots to operate autonomous in dynamic and disturbed environments. We will discuss the state-of-the-art and present methods and solutions that are particularly relevant for robotics in general and underwater robotics in particular. The course will conclude with hands-on experiments with machine learning tools in the DFKI computing cluster.

More about DFKI: dfki.de/robotik


Tim Tiedemann, PhD – Senior Researcher at DFKI
Jan H. Metzen, PhD – Team leader „Learning“ at DFKI/University of Bremen
Mario Krell, PhD – Researcher at University of Bremen
Constantin Bergatt, M.Sc – Researcher at DFKI
Anett Seeland, Dipl.-Biomath. –  Researcher at DFKI
Alexander Fabisch, Dipl.-Inf. - Researcher at University of Bremen
Manuel Meder, M.Comp.Sc.  - Researcher at University of Bremen



·         Lecture A "Introduction / Unsupervised Methods for Preprocessing"
·         Exercise "pySPACE Tutorial"
·         Lecture B "Classification"
·         Exercise "Metrics & Evaluation"
·         Lecture A "Regression"
·         Exercise "Processing of Robotic Sensory Data"
·         Lecture B "Reinforcement Learning"
·         Exercise "MMLF and Pole Balancing"



All ESRs must bring their computers to the workshop with ROS already installed. If you have any problems regarding ROS download, please contact: tom.runge@dfki.de

Directions to Robert-Hooke-Straße 1

Exit the Bremen central station in the direction south (town center). Taxi and tram are leaving directly in front of the central station. Taking a taxi to the University of Bremen cost approx. 10 Euro. It is cheaper to travel by tram: You take the tram no. 6 in direction "Universität" and exit at the terminal stop "Klagenfurter Strasse". You have to buy tickets within the tram. From here you will have to walk 2 minutes. So keep following the rails till the turning radius and turn right in the "Robert-Hooke-Str.". You can also get to the university by taking the bus 21, 22 or 28.

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