NT2 – Autonomous Underwater Robotics

Training event: NT2 – Autonomous Underwater Robotics
Lead organization: University of Girona (UdG)
Date: 29-30th January 2015 (M13)
Venue: CIRS Building – Science and Technology Park – University of Girona
ROBOCADEMY Points Equivalent: 4
Event registration form: goo.gl/forms/MWmi7rdQQl

The Computer Vision and Robotics research group of the University of Girona will offer a course about the basics theories in underwater robotics. The course will be taught by professors from the University of Girona and also expert guest lecturers in underwater robotics. The contents of this course will be: Localization (grid and map-based localization, SLAM, Monte Carlo Localization) and control architectures (path planning, learning and mission control). The course will have theoretical lectures and also laboratory activities.

More about CIRS: cirs.udg.edu

Pere Ridao, PhD – Associate Professor and Senior Researcher at UdG
Marc Carreras, PhD – Associate Professor and Senior Researcher at UdG
Narcís Palomeras, PhD – AUV software coordinator at UdG
Carles Candela – AUV Engineer at UdG



  • Underwater robotics basics and application examples from the University of Girona (2h)
  • ROS framework for AUV programming (2h)
  • O2CA2 control architecture (3h)
  • Sparus AUV operation and hardware (3h)
  • Hands-on exercise with real Sparus II AUV (6h)

All ESRs must bring their computers to the workshop with ROS already installed. If you have any problems regarding ROS download, please contact: narcis.palomeras@udg.edu

The workshop will take place at CIRS Building at Scientific and Technological Park of the UdG. You can reach the venue from the city centre with bus L8 – leaving from bus station every 30 minutes or by walking next to the river for 30 minutes. A taxi from the city centre may cost you around 8 Euros / way.

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