euRathlon is a new outdoor robotics competition that invites teams to test the intelligence and autonomy of their robots in realistic mock emergency-response scenarios inspired by the 2011 Fukushima accident. The euRathlon 2015 Grand Challenge will require a team of ground, marine and aerial robots to work together to survey the scene, collect environmental data, and identify critical hazards. The project is funded by the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement no 601205.

euRathlon 2015 will be held in Piombino, Italy, from the 17th- 25th September 2015. The competition will take place in the area surrounding the Torre del Sale building, on the beach and in the nearby waters, and in the Enel-owned thermal power plant sheltered harbour. Competitors and their robots will face real life conditions (i.e., a ruined building, sandy terrain, etc) in a realistic mock disaster scenario.


Watch the euRathlon 2015 Challenge promo video:

We welcome teams from Universities, Research labs or Industry; from single organisations or with team members from multiple organisations. Although euRathlon is a European initiative, International teams are also very welcome.

To encourage the participation of the maximum number of teams – especially teams with experience in one domain only, three different categories of scenarios have been defined:


The Grand Challenge: a three-domain scenario, which comprises three missions.
Sub-Challenge: two-domain scenarios; each is a combination of two trials.
Trial: single-domain scenarios.

There will be a total of one Grand Challenge, three Sub-Challenges and six trials.


The scenarios will be held in increasing order of complexity (i.e. the trials will be held first followed by the sub-challenges and finally the Grand Challenge). Trials and sub-challenges will allow teams to test and prepare their robots as the scenarios are based on and preparatory to the Grand Challenge.

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There is a Team Matching form available on the website for single-domain teams that wish to join with teams in other domains to create a multi-domain team before the competition.

Official information concerning the registration process, requirements, programme, scenarios and the competition can be found on the euRathlon website (

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