10. January 2018

Robocademy: Project completion after four years of successful training and networking

Training together and developing robotic systems to explore the oceans: starting with this initial goal the Robocademy European training and research network for underwater robots started four years ago. The project, funded by the European Union with approx. € 3.61 million and coordinated by the Robotics Innovation Center of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), ends on 15 December 2017 with a final meeting in Bremen. Project partners as well as participants of the program draw a very positive balance.

Supported by leading research centers and companies from the fields of robotics, marine technology, marine science and the offshore industry, the Robocademy offered a total of 13 junior scientists first-class training and research conditions as well as the opportunity to earn a doctorate in selected and excellently supervised research projects. The focus of the training was on the development of robust, reliable and autonomous robot systems. "With the Robocademy, we have been able to train underwater robotic specialists that are urgently needed to ensure the international competitiveness of European science and industry. In addition, the project has created a network of cutting-edge European research in this sector ", says Prof. Dr. med. Dr. H. c. Frank Kirchner, head of the DFKI Robotics Innovation Center.

last updated 10.01.2018
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