Shahab Heshmati

Shahab is a Robocademy ITN Early Stage Researcher at National Technical University of Athens, Greece. His main areas of research are: Nonlinear Control, Distributed Model Predictive Control, Cooperative Control and Event-Based control combined with Visual Servoing techniques with applications in Marine (surface, Autonomous, Semi-autonomous) Vehicles. He obtained a master degree in “Control Systems” from the Post-Graduate Program in Automation Systems jointly offered by the Schools of Mechanical and Electrical & Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. He pursued his master thesis on modeling and control of an inverted pendulum under the presence of disturbances. In his spare time, he likes to play soccer and to play the guitar.  

Project Description: His main objectives include developing novel multi-agent schemes for cooperation of AUVs as well as Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator Systems (UVMSs), taking into consideration all factors and constraints that are present in underwater environment, such as disturbances induced by sea currents as well as communication constraints and delays imposed by limited communication in underwater area.    

Supervisor: Prof. Kostas J. Kyriakopoulos  

More Information: Personal website

last updated 09.06.2015
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