Juan Francisco Fuentes-Pérez

Juan Fran is a junior researcher at the Center for Biorobotics at Tallinn University of Technology (TUT). His main area of research is the hydraulics of fishways and underwater sensing. He developed his early career in the University of Valladolid (UVA) (Spain) where he conducted the studies of Technical Engineering, Engineering and a Master degree in research in engineering for agroforestry development, with a master thesis on non-uniform behavior in fishways. During his studies, he collaborated and worked in the Teaching Unit of Hydraulic and Hydrology of UVA where, among others, he designed multiple fishways and a software for calculate and simulate them.

Project description: His main objective is to develop flow sensing algorithms, experimentally and in simulations, using flow velocity and pressure sensors, for navigation and control in underwater robotics. The flow around the vehicles is modelled using computational fluid dynamics. The results are validated in a flow tunnel in a controlled hydrodynamic environment using digital particles image velocimetry to map the turbulence. Flow and pressure sensor readings are filtered and mapped against the hydrodynamic environments. Finally they are going to be modelled as external forces acting upon the vehicle. Flow around the vehicle is modelled as an environmental state parameter that can be used as a state parameter by the vehicle's control algorithms. The algorithms can then compensate for the flow disturbances or use the flow to guide the vehicles to the desired configuration. Likewise, these algorithms will allow the detection of hydrodynamic events and its localization.

Supervisors: Maarja Kruusmaa, Naveed Muhammad, Jeffrey A. Tuhtan

More information: Estonian Research Portal

last updated 18.12.2017
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