Mariia Dmitrieva

Mariia is a Robocademy ITN Early Stage Researcher at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. Her main area of  research are BioSonar signals, which are inspired by multi-chirp dolphin's clicks and are used for object characterisation. Her undergraduate study took place in Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications with speciality in Audio and Video equipment. Mariia obtained a master degree in Computer Vision and Robotics from the Erasmus Mundus joint programme between University of Burgundy, University of Girona and Heriot-Watt Universiy, with a master thesis on visual activity recognition for the humanoid robot REEM. She developed her thesis in PAL Robotics, Barcelona. In the spare time, she likes playing piano, reading and photography.

Project Description: Her main objective is to develop novel methods to adapt BioSonar (broadband multi-chirp sonar) signals for the better object characterisation. The BioSonar signals are inspired by analysis of the bottlenose dolphin clicks. Dolphins are using a variety of clicks to detect and analyse objects. The click configurations are adapted to the particular task and environment. Simulation of the multi-chirp dolphin's clicks and processing of the echo responses provide potential for the recognition of object's innards and structures, which can be used for object characterisation and recognition. 

Supervisor: Prof. David Lane

last updated 09.06.2015
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