Samy Nascimento

Samy is a ITN Early Stage Researcher at DFKI Robotics Innovation Center, Bremen. His main area of research is underwater vehicles self-monitoring systems. He obtained an electrical engineering degree from the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. He worked for three years as a researcher at SENAI Cimatec, Salvador, Brazil, on the electronics design and software control of an autonomous power line inspection robot.  In the spare time, he likes riding bikes, listening to music and playing videogames.

Project description: His objective is to develop an UUV supervision system capable of detect and respond to failures of the vehicle components, as well as to perform environment condition monitoring. This supervision system must be able to check the UUV health and react on data from real sensors regarding the current mission profile, leading to a possible mission re-planning. Machine learning techniques can be used to detect anomalies on the sensor data and predict possible failures. The system shall be tested in simulation and in real environments, where responses for the most common faults can be verified.

Supervisors: Prof. Kirchner, Dr. Jan Hendrik Metzen, Dr. Christopher Gaudig


last updated 09.06.2015
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