Youssef Essaouari

Youssef is a Robocademy ITN Early Stage Researcher at Graal Tech S.r.l, Genoa. His main area of research is underwater acoustic positioning systems. He obtained an engineering degree in electronics and embedded systems from the National School of Applied Sciences of Marrakech, Morocco. He has been working at Enova research & technology as research and development engineer for 16 months, on an underwater acoustic positioning system, which allows for locating and data exchange. His professional experiences also include an internship with Thales air systems working on communication between multicore DSPs. In the spare time, he likes reading, following high tech news and watching movies.

Project Description: His main objective is to develop new methodologies and technological solutions enabling the underwater localization of a swarm of cooperating AUVs performing extended time or long-range missions. On the surface, each swarm member will get its GPS position and forward it to the others underwater via the on-board acoustic modem. Every vehicle will therefore alternatively act as a LBL transponder (when on surface) or as an AUV gathering data (when underwater). In this way it will be possible to obtain a moving network of vehicles capable of autonomously performing long-range missions. This will have the advantage of eliminating the calibration phases and simplifying the operations related to the deployment and recovery of the system. The navigation algorithms will reduce overall drift by exploiting available GPS fixes from any vehicle opportunistically obtained at the surface.

Supervisor: Alessio Turetta

last updated 09.02.2016
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