Thomas Guerneve

Thomas is a Robacademy ITN Early Stage Researcher at Seebyte Ltd, Edinburgh. His main areas of research are 3D reconstruction from imaging sonars and scene analysis. He obtained a master degree in Telecommunications at Telecom Bretagne, France. He has been working in Seebyte as a research engineer for 11 months, on a sonar based relocalisation feature for Subsea7's fully autonomous inspection vehicle AIV. His professional experiences also include two internships in France working on FPGA video resampling at Zodiac Data Systems and 3D visualization of X-Ray acquisitions at GE. In the spare time, he likes surf and playing music.

Project description: His tasks are to develop a 3D reconstruction algorithm enabling the reconstruction of a 3D scene from 2D imaging sonar images and work on 3D scene understanding. Since 2D imaging sonar compress 3D scenes into 2D, the recovery of the underlying 3D scene is inherently ill-posed. Therefore  concept of operations and adapted algorithms need to be developed to allow the recovery of the lost information (elevation angle) during the imaging process. Further works will then be focused on scene understanding aspects to extract semantic and allow further applications such as objects registration, vehicle relocalisation, structure parts recognition to help maintenance intervention, etc.

Supervisor: Prof Yvan Petillot


last updated 09.06.2015
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