Veronica Yordanova

Veronika is a Robocademy INT Early Stage Researcher at Atlas Elektronik GmbH, Bremen, Germany. Her research is focused on marine autonomy, and more specifically, the coordination and collaboration of multiple autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). She completed her undergraduate degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the Technical Universtiy in Sofia before pursuing an MSc in Space Engineering at University College London (UCL) with a thesis on bistatic radar signatures. In her spare time, she plays rugby, runs and reads science fiction.

Project Description: Veronika is investigating ways to reduce dependence on underwater communication, a major limitation in multi-vehicle applications. The method she is developing relies on partial connectivity between the platforms, or scheduling multiple meeting points throughout the mission where AUVs can exchange information and be monitored by an operator. The method will be tested in simulation, and some components will be validated using data from sea trials.

Supervisors: Prof. Hugh Griffiths and Prof Steve Hailes


last updated 24.10.2016
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