Bilal Wehbe

Bilal is a Robocademy ITN Early Stage Researcher at DFKI Robotics Innovation Center, Bremen. His main area of research are development and parameter identification techniques of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) motion models. His undergraduate studies took place in the Lebanese University - Faculty of Engineering in Beirut, where he achieved his bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in 2012. Bilal obtained a master degree in Mechanical Engineering (emphasis: automation and control) from the American University of Beirut, with a master thesis on modeling and path planning of a hybrid autonomous underwater vehicle. In his spare time, he likes playing guitar, composing and recording music.

Project Description: His main objective is to develop and apply machine learning techniques towards achieving new solutions for efficient parameter identification for underwater vehicles motion models. Hydrodynamic parameter identification is an essential procedure in building improved motion models for underwater vehicles, and such parameters are possibly altered when a vehicle operates in different environments. A main task is to develop a machine learning framework for efficient updating and correction of motion models for UUVs upon operating under different environmental conditions.

Supervisors: Prof. Frank Kirchner.


last updated 05.07.2016
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