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The Computer Vision and Robotics Research Group (VICOROB) of the University of Girona was established in 1992 and is devoted to the research related areas of computer vision, image processing, and mobile robotics. VICOROB focuses its efforts in the study and further development of new algorithms, methods and techniques of image processing needed for scene segmentation and description, object tracking, image registration, image stabilization, feature extraction, contour detection, and 3D reconstruction. It also focuses its works in the research and development of intelligent robots for field operations where the imagery (both optical and acoustic) plays an important role, especially in underwater scenarios.

VICOROB has a strong experience in the design and development hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicles prototypes with high-resolution image mapping capabilities. During the last years the team has work on the development of advanced image processing techniques for the 2D and 3D optical mapping of the seafloor, as well as with the fusion of these techniques with navigation data coming from state of the art navigation sensors (DVL, gyros, USBL, LBL) together with global optimization techniques to face large scale maps.

As for underwater vision, the main research focuses on the development of systems for constructing georeferenced mosaics of the seabed, including the construction of large images, and information retrieval of three-dimensional seabed.

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