SeeByte is a global leader (operating from offices in Edinburgh, Scotland and San Diego, California) creating some of the world's most advanced smart software for managing unmanned and remote assets including solutions for the military, security, offshore, subsea and renewable energy sectors. In the military sector, SeeByte’s SeeTrack Military software has been chosen by nineteen of the world’s navies to optimise operations involving unmanned underwater vehicles. SeeTrack -  SeeByte’s core technology platform - enables fast and efficient mission-planning, monitoring and post-mission analysis. (It provides a single integrated picture of events from multiple distributed sensing modalities, enabling operators with modest training to make decisions and plan actions for multiple assets. It has initially been used with unmanned underwater vehicles for de-mining and offshore inspection, repair and maintenance. Lately it has been applied to condition based maintenance of railway rolling stock, offshore wind turbines and life-of-field asset integrity management in the oilfield).

SeeByte provides solutions to the oil and gas domain to automate complex subsea tasks. Current requirements placed upon Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) systems for tasks such as surveys, underwater structure & pipeline inspections and construction support, are becoming increasingly demanding, meaning that vehicle and operator abilities are pushed to the limit. Through SeeByte’s software capabilities, operators can focus on the job at hand with a higher level of confidence in vehicle control, improving quality and reducing the time and cost of performing a range of subsea tasks.

SeeByte´s solutions help users transform raw data into actionable information for asset management and vehicle operation, often in real time, adding value to hardware through expert software engineering.

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last updated 22.01.2015
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