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Graal Tech (GT) is a research and consultancy SME working in the fields of automation, underwater robotics, control system design, instrumentation and electromechanical engineering. Genoa Robotic and Automation Lab is established in 1998 as a spin-off company from DIST (the Department of Communication, Computer and System Sciences of the University of Genova). During years the industrial vocation of Graal Tech consolidated, even if a strong linkage with academic and research environments have been always preserved.

Moreover the strong experiences gathered during years of successful EU research projects (MEPEMS – “Marine Electrical Power and Engine Management System” (2001-2004); HABBuoy – “In-situ imaging and recognition of Harmful Algal Bloom species by artificial neural network” (2003-2005); Hismar - “Hull Identification System for Marine Autonomous Robot” (2005-2008), Co3-AUVs - “Cooperative Cognitive Control for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles” (2009-2012) and the continuous and fruitful collaborations with prestigious research institutions like CMRE (Nato Underwater Research Center) and ISME (Italian Interuniversity Center for Integrated Systems for Marine Environment) led Graal Tech to set up a sector specialized in providing intelligent systems for marine applications.

Two fundamental factors enable Graal Tech to pursue its objectives: the presence of a team of diversified senior engineers (mechanical, electronic, software and control) encompassing all the competencies required for conceiving, designing and realizing any intelligent electromechanical system, and the expertise in adopting an integrated multi-disciplinary approach to problems, allowing to fuse the skills and focus the efforts in a goal-oriented project plan leading to meet all the customer expectations / application specifications.

GT has extensive experience in the development and application of UUVs, both ROVs and AUVs. Facilities include CAD software tools for electromechanical design, a mechanical workshop and an electronic laboratory for realizing and testing mechatronic devices.

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