Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation

The STO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) is an executive body of NATO's Science and Technology Organisation (STO). CMRE began in 1958 in response to a marked increase in Soviet submarine capability. CMRE focused on ASW-related activities until the collapse of the Soviet Union (early 1990’s), when CMRE took on other operational maritime requirements, including especially maritime security problems in the defence against terrorism.

In 2005 the Centre’s name was changed to the NATO Undersea Research Centre (NURC) and in 2012 to CMRE. Today CMRE is one of three research and technology organizations in NATO. CMRE has conducted world-class research for over 40 years in support of NATO's maritime operational requirements, and maintains a strong reputation for bringing the best and brightest researchers together through rotational scientific staffing and through extensive partnering with NATO member nations. CMRE’s ability to conduct maritime research from concept formulation to validation at sea is unique. Many NATO Nations depend on the Centre for this capability.

The CMRE Visiting Researcher Program offers the best and brightest students researchers from NATO nations the opportunity to participate in a dynamic laboratory, conducting research on subjects of interest to both the researcher and to NATO.  Visiting Researchers will have access to CMRE equipment, facilities, and data, and will gain exposure to the NATO organisation and CMRE environment through collaboration with NATO staff and scientists.  This professional experience provides the opportunity to learn from the NATO/CMRE community and get a thorough understanding and balanced view of the Organization while utilizing contemporary theoretical and technical knowledge in practical work assignments.

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