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ATLAS Elektronik with its head office in Bremen (Germany) is a major technological focus in North Germany. ATLAS has been founded 1911. It has a long tradition in the development and manufacture of naval systems and marine technologies like e. g. mine-countermeasure vessels, unmanned underwater vehicles, sonar systems, and command and control systems.

ATLAS Elektronik pursues a sustainable strategy for its research and development work, investing a significant part of its turnover in these activities. One of the major research tasks is to expand the sonar competence further. In the field of sonar technology, ATLAS Elektronik has been defining the state of the art for decades now with its many innovations, inventions and patents. By applying the latest methods and technologies in hydroacoustics, ATLAS sets innovation trends today and belongs to the international technology leaders.

The dedication to underwater drone activities entails a variety of key technologies such as hydrodynamics, remote control designs, navigation, mission management, guidance and control, communication, sensors, software and system management. In the Under-Water-Vehicle department, a product expansion into the civil market is currently undergoing. ATLAS has extensive experience with research in the area of underwater (optical) sensing, object identification, object classification. ATLAS has developed a family of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) for various inspections, surveying and manipulating applications, comprising the ROV SeaFox, the ROV/AUV SeaWolf, and the AUV SeaOtter Mk II.

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