Marine Systems Institute

Marine Systems Institute at Tallinn University of Technology is a university education, research and development institution whose competence and responsibility involves basic and applied research of the Baltic Sea physical and biogeochemical processes in order to better understand and model those processes in the context of changing atmospheric, terrestrial, and human impacts. The studies are important for development of marine information systems and forecasting methods.


The main areas where MSI is conducting research are:

  • Systematic investigation and modelling of physical and biogeochemical processes in the sea and other water-bodies in the context of the atmospheric and land processes and anthropogenic influences.
  • Investigation of the functioning and stability of aquatic ecosystems, modelling and prediction of the changes in their states with the aim of the applications in the marine environment protection and management.
  • Quantitative estimation and modelling of the interactive processes between coastal sea, land and human activities, including applications in the areas of coastal engineering and management.
  • Development of the operational methods of the analysis and forecasting of the state of the sea and other water bodies together with the applications in the management of marine resources, environmental impact assessment, navigation safety and national defence.

last updated 24.05.2016
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